PAX Wardrobe / Closet Makeover with Beadboard Wallpaper


You need:

PAX Wardrobe
Ballstad Doors
Hedra Knob
2 rolls Graham and Brown BEADBOARD WALLPAPER
Paste and wallpaper brush
Ruler, cutting mat and cutter

How To:

1. Assemble the Wardrobe and hang up the doors
It’s easier to wallpaper the hanging doors

2. Cut the Wallpaper accurately fitting
This the is optional. But I found it easier to cut them on a cutting mat than on the hanging doors.

3. Pasting the doors
Put the paste directly on the doors. Use special paste for wall pasting.
Advantage: You don’t need a wall paper table.

4. Sticking the wallpaper on the doors
Get a second person who can help you.

Beadboard-Wallpaper-Makeover IKEA-Hack---Pax-Kleiderschrank-Makeover-mit-Beadboard-Wallpaper IKEA-Hedra-Griffe-auf-PAX-Ballstad-Türen Vorher-nachher-Beadboard-Wallpaper-auf-IKEA-Kleiderschrank-kleben