Pivoting 3 bulb MASKROS floor lamp hack

triple MASKROS floor lamp hack

IKEA items used:
IKEA 365+ BRASA  (1)
MASKROS lamp (3)
DIMMA cord dimmer (1)

additional items:
1/4 copper tubing
1 steel 1 meter rod that will fit snugly inside tubing
3 “T” copper fittings
2 “L” copper fittings
1 strait fitting
tubing cutter
heat shrink electrical insulation
epoxy glue
50lbs sack of portland cement
bailing wire
spirit level
large poly cylindrical planter with opening smaller than Brasa shade
3 cinder blocks or equvalent weighted items
3 non frosted(bare) bulbs (to throw sharp shadows on ceiling/walls)


maskros a

1. Assemble BRASA lamp shade without cord set
2. Block hole at top of shade with Pringles chip can lid and tape in place
3. Place 3 cinder blocks in planter
4. Place BRASA shade on planter upside down and level wire steel rod in centre of shade, using level to make sure it is perpendicular to rim of shade and that the rim is level
5. Mix and pour cement into shade to fix rod in place
6. Cut tubing to produce: one section long enough to extend a bit beyond rod above surface of cement, section of length to reach height of first MASKROS lamp, section to reach next lamp, section to reach last lamp, 2 sections to extend perpendicular from central tube assembly
7. Assemble upper part of lamp tubing in following manner:
a. straight fitting to upper section of tubing
b. T fitting with perpendicular tube with L fitting on end pointing up
c. straight tube down to next T fitting
d. T fitting with perpendicular tube with L fitting on end pointing up

8. Thread bailing wire though 3 sections of tubing to be able to pull cables of MASKROS lamps through after copper has been soldered
9. Solder upper assembly




10. Pull MASKROS cables through upper sections and fix MASKROS socketed rods onto ends of fittings
11. Assemble lower section of tubing in following way:
a. tube that will slip over steel rod
b. T fitting
c. tube to upper assembly
12. Solder lower assembly
13. Cut fixture end off ANSULATA cord
14. Thread cord through lower T fitting up to end of upper tube
15. Trim upper assembly cords to same length and slip heat shrink insulation over them
16. Solder upper cords to lower cord
17. Move insulation into place and shrink
19. Pull cords down into lower assembly and fit upper to lower tube assembly
20. Epoxy sections together (do not solder as it may damage/melt cords/insulation/solder)
21. Assemble MASKROS shades and install bulbs
22. Insert lamp tube assembly onto rod





Lower part of completed lamp can be pivoted like gimbal to different position. River rock can be added to lower section as decoration and additional stabilising weight, and dimmer may be used to modify output.

By Henning Jung