STUVA desk with BESTA doors


Materials: BESTA doors, LINNMON table top, STUVA cabinets & legs

Seeing the STUVA desk that was just posted inspired me to send in the desk that I built last year. I wanted a new desk that would have plenty of storage space, without costing too much. The depth of the STUVA cabinets was perfect to hold my printers, etc. out of sight, but I did not like the available doors in that line and the BESTA doors are less expensive. It turns out that the BESTA doors fit perfectly onto the STUVA frame (with the obvious exception of the drawer fronts).


For desk drawers, I used the STUVA wire baskets with a STODJA flatware tray. For the cabinet with my electronics, I left the back panel off to provide adequate ventilation and to feed power cords in through the back. I used a LINNMON table top as the surface of my desk. I have the desk top sitting on top of the STUVA units (with gripping pads to avoid sliding) and the upper STUVA unit sitting on top of the desk top (with felt pads to avoid scratching). It is very sturdy (and makes it easier to move for cleaning), but if I had kids, I would probably attach the pieces together using the appropriate brackets.

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