VITTSJÖ laptop table upgrade to Industrial style bureau

Vittsjo laptop table with reclaimed french oak

Materials: Vittsjö laptop table

Me and my wife needed something to work on with our laptops that was simple and at the same time, compact: we found this very cheap table (€ 29) but we didn’t quite like the “cold” look of it.

So I managed to get from a friend two boards of reclaimed french oak (they were sample of wood from a kitchen company) that I got cut to size and, later, stained with two coats of ebony oil stain.

Vittsjo laptop table with reclaimed french oak 2
Vittsjo laptop table with reclaimed french oak 3

I am, very happy with the result: the look improved a lot and the feeling of the table is much warmer and rugged than before.

The execution is pretty straight-on: we cut to measure both the table top and the lower side shelf from the same wood, and stain them at the same time. The original side shelf was thinner than the frame tubing and I didn’t like it…so I kept the original thickness of the boards (same as the frame tubing) and managed to grind 4 slots below the side shelf to accommodate the supports and keep it levelled.


Thanks to Ollie for the fantastic wood and Bert for the great woodworking job and help!