How to connect the APTITLIG chopping boards into one big board

APTITLIG chopping board

Who doesn’t have it ? A collection of different chopping boards, inherited, different sizes, different heights, different colors ?

I had the same, and thought buy some identical ones at IKEA and sort that. I put my money where my mouth is and bought three APTITLIG chopping boards. They do not only look nice. With the trapezoidal cross section I thought :

When you align them to the right way next to each other no crumb or so will end on the table!

So I went straight to my shed, bent four U shaped stainless steel clamps (3.2mm stainless steel welding stick from local welder supplies 1m/2€) 30mm*30mm .


Then I drilled matching 3.5mm holes in the boards – done. Sure when you drill the holes be careful to drill horizontally and at a constant distance to the edges you want to connect. You can drill on both sides, in parallel to the surface, to create wide or narrow strips of connected boards. I was thinking of using a welder to create T-junctions too, but that will be something for later.

Now I can connect two boards with two of those u-shaped clamps and three boards with four clamps …  (I drilled four holes into the middle one).

I can now:

– cover my table when I have three Pizzas on the table – no crumbs in-between the boards – no moving boards etc.

– cover my cooker to use it as additional worktop space in the kitchen etc.

– take them apart and stow them away

Happy Days !

Cheers Peter