Easy peasy colorful FLISAT stool hack

DIY Flisat childrens stool rainbow kids stool

I love DIY projects and IKEA hacks ! Recently I went to IKEA, and let’s be honest, I went quite mental.

I can almost remember my hubby sighing with despair when he wondered: “Do we need all those stuff?”

“Yes of course, love. We DO. Load the car now.”

That’s the thing with IKEA, everything is awesome and there is absolutely no way you come back home with empty hands.

But I also like having unique furniture. So here comes my passion for IKEA Hacks!

So recently I decided to hack the little FLISAT stool and I’m super happy with the way it turned out. My little one just loves it.

IKEA FLISAT stool hack - colorful kids stool with rainbow back

IKEA items used:

Other materials and tools:

IKEA FLISAT children’s stool hack – step by step

Step 1

Assemble the FLISAT stool. You don’t need any tools. Can’t be easier.

IKEA FLISAT stool hack - first step assembly

Step 2

Use a pencil and ruler to trace a straight line in the middle of the cork trivet before you cut it.

divide the cork trivet

Step 3

Use a hand saw to cut each trivet where you marked it. For a nice result it needs to be perfectly straight.

cut into half

Step 4

Make a mark on the stool where you gonna place the smaller circular arc.

measure placement on the children's stool

Step 5

The smaller arc is going to be screwed on the stool top and glued. Use a drill to pre-drill where you are going to screw it.

predrill screw holes

Step 6

Paint each arc with the colors you want to create a nice rainbow!

paint the arcs

Step 7

Glue the smaller arc with epoxy glue. Take care, it dries super fast!

glue the arc

Step 8

Screw the smaller arc on the stool top, and then glue the 2 others arcs on the stool. Glue each arc one after the other, using the epoxy glue. Let it dry for an hour. Your rainbow IKEA FLISAT stool hack is done!

fasten with screw
IKEA FLISAT stool hack with rainbow back

~ by Candice, Shake my DIY.