A hideaway dining table using IKEA mirror

2 way mirror

Materials: Ikea MONGSTAD Mirror and Ikea stool

This is a hack to turn the Ikea mirror into a stowaway dining room table that seats 6 people. Great for people with small apartments but who still want to host dinners/events.


1) Attach two hinges to bottom of mirror
2) Attach two eyelets to side of mirror
3) Attach two hooks to wall
4) Attach mirror to wall via other end of hinges


1) While in the ‘up/mirror’ position, the wall hooks feed through the eyelets and prevent the mirror from falling down.
2) In the ‘down/table’ position, the stool supports the table end opposite from the wall.

hideaway dining table


Optional steps:

1) The back side of the mirror isn’t perfectly level so I glued a couple pieces of cork board down so that the eating surface was uniformly flat.

2) I stapled a cheap water proof liner to the backside (table side) of the mirror. I always lay a table curtain down when in use, so the liner just provides an extra level of defense.


3) I have six foldable chairs that I keep hidden in the closet/storage when I’m not using the table

hideaway dining table

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~ Nick Tseng