DIY Donut Stand: Easy IKEA hack for party

I was graduating from business school in June and wanted to do something different for my graduation party. I love donuts and I wanted to make a display for them and found a few ideas on Pinterest. Shopping my home, I found an old LACK table that was a little bit scratched and no longer in use so I decided to DIY it into a donut bar stand.

IKEA LACK side table

DIY Donut Stand from IKEA LACK side table


LACK side table
Paper straws
Small jar of paint
Paper doilies

I had a tester paint from the year before which worked out great. Small metallic gold triangles in the corners of the table made it look a little more glam. For the rest of the table top, I painted it pink. Alternatively you can wrap the table with wax paper if you are concerned about food and paint safety.

Measure where the rods should go

I had some paper straws left from a birthday. They was perfect for the project to be used as rods for the donuts to hang from.

Measure where the rods should go

I measured the table so that all the holes were evenly spread out. Drill small holes into the LACK table top. The holes should ideally be slightly smaller than the straws so they fit tight and will hold up the weight of the donuts.


I cut one straw and put it into another for extra strength to hold up the donuts.

Insert straws as rods for the donut bar stand

My husband helped me put the straws into the holes.

DIY Donut stand with rods for donuts

The stand looked like this when the straws were in. The inflatable donut is a can holder for a hot tub or pool. I bought it in Glasgow. (Similar here)

Paper doilies

I found these paper doilies at a local shop, perfect size for donuts. And will stop the donuts from coming into direct contact with the table surface.

DIY Donut Bar Stand from IKEA Lack table
DIY Donut Bar Stand from IKEA Lack table

Perfect place for a donut to hang out 🙂

DIY Donut Bar Stand from IKEA Lack table
DIY Donut Bar Stand from IKEA Lack table

The final outcome with my favorite Krispy Kreme Original Glazed.

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~ by Hanna Þóra