Mydal bunk bed to single beds

Mydal bunk bed + saw = two identical single beds.

What to do with a Mydal bunk bed when 2 daughters get their own rooms? This awesome hack that’s what!

You’ll need only basic tools, a helper and about one hour.

1. Remove the side rails and ladder with those Ikea allen keys that came with the bed (real hackers never throw these away!). You can discard these planks – or hack them into something else – like shelves – if you are a serious Ikea hacker.

Mydal bunk bed to single beds





Mydal bunk to single bed_6

2. Cut – I found it easier to turn the bed on its side for this. Measure the height of the legs on the bottom bunk, from the bottom of the base to the floor. Then measure the same distance down the vertical post from the bottom of the top bunk base. Mark it on all four posts, then cut it. This cut will form the new legs of a single bed.

Then on the bottom bunk, mark a cutting line on the four posts in line with the top of the footboard and headboard. Cut these to form the two footboards (bed ends). Discard the resulting four pieces of wood from the posts.

3. Here’s the clever bit – now you have two beds – the top bunk has a head board at each end, the bottom bunk has a foot board at each end. So using the allen key, remove the head board from one bed and the foot board from the other bed, swap them and re-attach them. Voila – two identical single beds.

(No animals where harmed during this hack)

~ Steve Bristow