TV Box Box (Wall-hugging TV equipment cabinet)

TV Box Box - 08

My hack is an Ikea wall cabinet that I modified to hold a small TV cable / satellite box. It mounts below a wall-mounted TV, keeping everything neat and tight to the wall. The equipment box faces up, while an angled mirror lets you (and your remote control) see the front of the box.

(I want to say I used a “Besta” cabinet, but I don’t see a match on the Ikea web site; the specific model I used may be discontinued. However anyone could certainly do this with any other shallow wall cabinet.)

TV Box Box - 01

TV Box Box - 06

TV Box Box - 07

TV Box Box - 03

TV Box Box - 04

TV Box Box - 05

1. Before assembling the cabinet, I cut out a large area of the back panel to expose the outlets and jacks to the inside of the cabinet.

2. I built a small wood stand to support the satellite box upright while leaving room for cords. I used 90-degree adaptors to minimize cord height.

3. I threw out the included hinge hardware and used standard hardware-store hinges, plus a catch and a chain, to make the door mount lower than usual, leaving a ~3″ gap at the top. The door also opens down instead of up.

4. I needed the glass shelf to be higher than the pre-drilled holes allowed, so I drilled new holes to support the shelf at the exact height I needed.

5. I cut and glued together several small bits of thin MDF board to hold the mirror in place at a 45-degree angle, and spray-painted the wood black. The mirror was purchased and custom cut at the local hardware store. I super-glued the mirror to the wood supports. The mirror assembly simply slides in and rests on top of the gas shelf.

By Rich Brome