VARIERA jewellery organiser

jewellery organiser

Items used were with total cost of $62 AUD:
2x Rational Variera shelf inserts
1x Grundtal Magnetic knife rack
1x 3 pack Grundtal containers
1x Ribba picture ledge
1x Bygel rail
1x pack 10 Bygel ‘S’ hooks

I used IKEA’s shelf inserts without their stands and screwed them directly into the wall. The holes in the shelf provided anchors for my earrings to be placed wherever I wanted.

I used the knife rack and containers to house my studs earrings, rings and clasp earrings separately anyway I desired.

I was able to insert my own labelling inside the container lid to identify contents.

I used the picture ledge to hold my bracelets.

On the underneath of the ledge I screwed a Bygel rail with hooks attached. This enabled me to hang my necklaces, grouping them as desired or hang separately depending on numbers.

I love this arrangement as its very neat and tidy, everything is accessible and it will be quite hardwearing
and adaptable to my needs as they change.

~ Alikazam

Jules Yap