Fejka + Papaja = PAPAJKA tall potted plant hack

Materials: 1 Fejka grass potted plant, and 1 Papaja tall black pot

For less than $7, you can make a tall potted plant decoration nicknamed the Papajka. The Papajka consists of one Fejka grass potted plant ($3.99) and one Papaja tall black pot ($2.99). This works with all the other similarly potted Fejka plants, and any color Papaja tall pot. Mix and match to match your tastes. Go crazy!

I decided to try this because I wanted a larger artificial plant for a guest bathroom. However, the larger plants at Ikea weren’t my style, looked too artificial, or were too expensive for their size. So I pleasantly went on an adventure through the department to see how to hack existing items. Here are the steps with the items I chose.

For this project, you’ll also need a piece of cardboard to protect your work surface, a drill with large bit. Place the Fejka and Papaja on the work surface.


Next, gently pull the plant portion from the pot base. You’ll notice that the plant is attached by a central stem that goes into a hole in the bottom of the pot.


Make a hole through the center hole of the pot using a large drill bit. ​


Flip the pot upside down and reinsert the plant into the newly drilled hole.

tall potted plant

Place the reassembled Fejka into the Papaja pot. You’ll notice that the wide lip of the upside down Fejka pot now sits tightly near the top of the Papaja pot instead of sitting at the bottom of the pot. That makes the plant stick out of the top of the tall papaja pot.


Tah dah! For less than $7 you can create great looking tall plants. Here is one in the guest bathroom. We loved them so much that we made three more for the dining room area.

tall potted plant 2

tall potted plant 1

For a little extra detail, you can fill the top of the pot with moss, or Kulort crushed glass, sand or stones. Enjoy!

~ TonyT