How to connect two KALLAX shelving units into one

connect two kallax units

I came across this on Pinterest, but cannot find the link to the original article. I would love to connect two KALLAX shelving units as they did in the photo below. Does anyone have any thoughts on how it was done?

long cube shelving
Source: Pinterest

Many thanks for your help!

~ by Vince (twosharks)

How to connect two KALLAX units together

Rui’s method helps to connect two or more KALLAX shelving units together. His hack doesn’t get rid of the thicker side panels where the units are joined, as per the inspo photo above. If anyone has any ideas on how that’s done, do drop us a comment. ~ Jules

I had two KALLAX 2×2 units and wanted a longer shelving unit in my space. So I decided to join two of them together.

Yes, IKEA sells a 2×4 KALLAX unit but I already had these two units. Repurposing them was better than throwing them out and getting a new one.

Besides, if you ever need a longer set of KALLAX shelves, for instance, joining a 2×4 with a 2×2, you can do it this way too.

IKEA item used:

2 KALLAX shelving unit (2×2)

Other materials:

Pine wood boards
Wood stain

What I did:

The two KALLAX units were joined together and then lacquered pine boards were placed around the structure.

First I slathered on glue on the side of one KALLAX unit and placed the two units together, side by side. I used clamps to hold them in place till the glue cured.

Then, I added brackets to the back where the two units connected. You can use straight brackets which would look neater but I used what I had on hand.

Next, I glued on the pine boards to the top and sides.

connect two IKEA 2x2 KALLAX units as one long sideboard

Lastly, I stained the pine boards a deep walnut.

It looks so much better and can be used for many more years.

How long and how much did it cost? 

I had everything at home. Even the old pine boards.

What do you like most about the hack? 

It stays nice and useful! 😉

What was the hardest part about this hack? 

Putting the two units together.

~ by Rui Ricardo