HJÄLMAREN standing compact computer work station

standing compact computer work station

standing compact computer work station 2

Materials: HJÄLMAREN bathroom wall shelf, BLECKA hooks, old IKEA towel rail

We needed a stand-up computer work station in our medical clinic.

I repurposed the HJÄLMAREN bathroom shelves by moving the shelves around and reversing one shelf to accommodate the keyboard.

We were able to place the screen on a shelf held in place by sawing BLECKA hooks and screwing them end-on to the screen shelf.

The lowest shelf takes a printer very nicely.

We needed an extension shelf to accommodate the mouse. We used the third top shelf left over from where we removed it to place the screen.

I had an old IKEA towel rail (somewhat similar to GRUNDTAL). I sawed the circular post off the towel rail. I fixed the rails to the shelf with plastic pipe clips held in place with counter sunk machine bolts. Then using the same pipe clips, fixed the whole assembly to the keyboard shelf. While the towel rail is no longer available, you might find that you can achieve the same result using IKEA’s current towel or kitchen rails.



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We love its look and sturdiness – not to mention the price – when compared to other solutions. In fact no other workstation that we looked for, has quite the stylish and compact solution that we were able to achieve here.

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~ Peter Richards