KALLAX Kids Desk

Rebecca IKEA hacked desk

This year my kids got their own bedrooms.

For my Daughter’s 9th birthday, I IKEA Hacked a desk for her to do her homework and art, as well as a place to store her books, stuff and art supplies

I combined 2 pink KALLAX units ( 2x2cubbyhole[902.758.20] & 2x4cubbyhole[602.825.20]) and Gorilla Glued a gloss red LINNMON table top [502.513.45] to the smaller KALLAX.

I had to prep the top of the KALLAX for gluing by roughing up the finish with 80 grit sandpaper, followed by a wipe-down with a little acetone on a rag.

The underside of the LINNMON being unfinished, needed no prep work, other than marking its gluing location on the KALLAX
A few clamps to hold the LINNMON tabletop in place as well as the other larger KALLAX (still boxed) laid on top to ensure a good bond.

4 hours later, assemble the other KALLAX, move all the pieces to their final location, and bolt to the wall…..finished!

Of course this can be done with KALLAX and LINNMON in other colours/finishes, but this is for a little girl with a passion for pink. The Gloss Red tabletop matches well and being glossy, will make for easy cleaning.

~ Peter Isaacson