Sweet dreams bedhouses

bedhouse headboard

IKEA items used:

  • Malm chest of 3 drawers (2x)
  • Lack wall shelf (3x)
  • Kritter bed frame (2 x)
  • Dioder LED 4-piece lighting strip set (x2)


  • 8 beams (30mmused 30mm, height is depending on how high you want the rooftop to be)
  • 4 thin MDF plates (size depending on how large you want the roof to be)

bedhouse headboard

– Assemble 2 Malms according to instructions, leaving out the drawers (next hacking project: find a new destination for the Malm drawers) so you only keep the 2 sides and the back.
– Cut the ends of 8 light wooden beams in a 45 degree angle in opposite direction to the angle on the other side (this way: \__________/ )
– Attach 4 times 2 beams (so 2 by 2, short side down) so they form an angle by using short, thick nails or /and an L-profile and attach this wooden angels on every corner on top of the Malm (use long and thick nails). Now you have the roof frames.
– Attach 4 thin MDF plates on top of this frame, one on each side of the roof. Make sure you use short nails so they don’t stick out the inside of the house
– Paint it in any colour you like
– Connect the two houses by attaching 3 LACK wall shelves two the neighbouring sides
– Stick 4 LED strips on the inside of the roof frame
– Assemble the 2 beds according to instructions, leaving away the headboard.
– Place the bedframe in the bedhouse headboard and make sure you support the headend of the bed (I used a pile of old books 😉 )
– Decorate the house with washi tape, stickers, …

Sleep tight!!

~ by Lothe Ramakers, Belgium

Jules Yap