Kura, Kritter & Trofast hack – toddler-friendly bunkbed

toddler-friendly bunkbed

I know you’ve seen a few Kura + Trofast steps before, but we did more underneath too, shortening Trofast units and chopping the legs off the Kritter bed to make a bottom bunk with storage space, so thought you might be interested.

Items used:

• Kritter bed
• Kura reversible bed
• Moshult mattress
• Kura bed tent
• Stepped Trofast frame
• 2 x 91cm Trofast frame
• Trofast storage boxes
• Försiktig step stool
• Kusiner wall pockets
• The side from Lydia’s old (non-ikea) cot (which was Georgie’s cot before it was Lydia’s!)

We needed to save space in the girls bedroom; we have a two year old and an (almost) four year old sharing one room, and they desperately wanted bunkbeds – but the concern was to make it safe for both of them to climb up and down safely when we weren’t in the room.

We shortened two Trofast units and cut the legs off the Kritter bed, to make a bottom bunk with storage space for small toys and books, and then used a stepped Trofast unit & Försiktig step stool to make toddler friendly steps up to the top bunk. We used an old cot side to make a banister for the steps, and added a Kura bed tent and Kusiner wall pockets to make the top bunk more exciting, with some space for toy storage too.

IMG_7648 (2)


toddler-friendly bunkbed

Full description & additional photos are here.

~ Zoe Corkhill (Mama Geek)