23 fun & fabulous KURA bed hacks for your kids room

Kura bed hacks that make you want to be a kid again!

The KURA bed is one of the best thing you can get for your kid’s room. The reversible bed frame is practically bare bones which you can dress up or down as you wish.

kura bed hacks

KURA reversible bed | Buy on IKEA.com

I scoured Instagram and found these awesome KURA bed hacks. Get inspired by the different styles and functions you can add to the bed. And then, get hacking!

#1 Kura bed house hacks

One of the most popular Kura bed hacks is to turn it into a home of sorts. A structure is usually built on top and around the KURA bed, which can be a farmhouse …

… a castle

a little brick cottage … you name it.

Some use the top bunk as a play area, some designate it as the sleep zone. I say, go with what your child can handle.

#2 Keep it simple

The KURA bed structure is great in itself. But adding a few pieces of well-placed 2x2s can totally change the look of the bed. All the while keeping it light and airy.

Alternatively, rather than adding, opt to strip it down for a calm “I’m-not-a-child-anymore” bed.

#3 Go with a theme

The jungle theme or safari is a fun one. Add a curtain rod to the side panel and hang plants off it. Great place for a bed pocket too.

Another way is to wrap faux plants all around the bed. Feels pretty wild already!

The side panel is fair game too.

#4 Add a book shelf

Jovana’s brilliant idea to add wood strips or dowels above the KURA wood panels turn them into a thin book ledge.

#5 Canopy for the KURA bed

It can be as simple as a rod hung from the ceiling with a curtain threaded through.

Or a canopy tent draped above it.

#6 Create a new surround

Adding wood planks to the sides totally transforms the KURA into a high-end bed.

You can also use aged or pallet wood for a rustic look.

A picket fence, perhaps?

Or two storey terrace.

Alternatively, try MDF with rounded cut-outs for a space capsule vibe.

#7 Bed, what bed?

Who says it needs to stay a bed? Make it a bus, fire truck or anything that catches your imagination.

#8 Climbing wall

The side panels of the KURA is a blank slate for a drawing board and even a climbing wall. (See similar tutorial here.)

#9 Cover it pretty

A quick and easy way to upgrade the KURA is to use peel and stick decals specially made for the KURA bed. Just browse Etsy for lots of designs. While you are there, check out KURA playhouse curtains too.

#10 Three’s company

Growing family? Make room for three. See the triple KURA bed hack here.

Or four.

What have you done with your KURA bed? Share your hacks here.

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