Low Profile Coffee Table Lack Hack

Hi! I’ve always wanted one of these low profile coffee tables. (like the two reference photos below). But they are expensive, like $800-$1500.

LP Coffee Table Example 1

LP Coffee Tab_e Example 2

So I made my own from 8 Ikea Lack side tables.

1. I took the tops and glued them together into a double decker square slab using a combination of liquid nails and superglue. If you want to use superglue for this project you will need to line everything up precisely…no gaps on subsequent gluings because superglue won’t fill gaps. If you use liquid nails you will need a lot because this is a heavy table…AND you will likely need to score the glossy surfaces to be glued with a knife or scissors to create a surface the glue can grip on to.

2. If you use Liquid Nails, you will need to let all gluing cure for a full week. Yes it takes patience but otherwise you risk the bond slipping or breaking.

3. I glued the legs together into blocks…4 legs for each block… and glued them to the bottom of the slab as shown. Again I scored piece surface to create a rough surface for the glue to grip. I measured with a tape measure before gluing the legs on….the outer leg blacks are halfway in from the edges. This gives the coffee table a “floating” look.

4. My slab had some gaps in it which I filled with pre-colored wood filler to finish it off nicely.

MyHack Main View

MyHack Closeup




This whole project cost me about $125-ish. A huge savings and the table is super sturdy and looks very close to the expensive one.

By David Folster