Lack Bistro Table

Materials: 2x Lack side tables, 1x Lack coffee table, Loctite construction adhesive, Polycrylic

Description: We had a tiny “breakfast nook” in our newly remodeled (Ikea Adel MB!) kitchen and wanted an affordable way to add a small table for two. The space available was *very* narrow (we had to be able to open the pantry and access the window/trash can), and we wanted something pub-height so we could use the same stools that are at our breakfast bar. I had been wanting to hack-a-lack for a while, and when I saw the $19.99 coffee table, I was sold!

Step 1: Purchase 2 Lack side tables, 1 Lack coffee table, construction adhesive, and poly (for the table top, we used water-based). Cost: approximately $40-45.

Step 2: Set one side table top on the floor, shiny (paint) side up. Glue four legs to the corners of the top surface. It can be tricky to get these square and/or level, so be aware you may need to adjust a bit as the adhesive sets. Try to wait until almost completely dry before proceeding.

Step 3: Glue the tops of the four ‘first-tier’ legs to the bottom (not finished side) of the second side-table top. Weight and wait for it to dry.

Step 4: Repeat step 1 on the top of your new “box” to create the second-tier legs.

Step 5: Measure carefully on the coffee table top to center the table base/legs so overhang is the same on both ends. Glue the tops of the second-tier legs to the bottom of the coffee table top, add weight, and wait for it to dry completely.

Step 6: Apply 2-3 coats of poly to the table top. We only did this on the very top (the coffee-table piece), since that’s where beverages, etc would be set, but you could apply it to the entire structure if you were ambitious. Use very very fine sandpaper between coats to remove bubbles.

Step 7: Voila! Bistro table for 2 that fits in a very narrow space. We added felt pads on the corners of the bottom layer to protect the floor.

Leftovers for other hacks: coffee table shelf (same size as top but thinner), set of 4 Lack legs.

~ Blair, Knoxville, TN