BEKVÄM cat hammock

cat hammock


cat hammock

As already mentioned in one of ours previous hack, we live in a small apartment, now with two cats.

And we have to figure out how to take advantage of the IKEA BEKVÄM cart, for us and for the cats.

From IKEA you will need the BEKVÄM cart, and for the cat part of the furniture, you will need fabric (jeans, canvas) which can be also bought in IKEA (2x 60x140cm).



At local Bauhaus (wood handy shop) you need to buy one long SLAT to make 4x 44cm long slats, and couple of screws (8 pieces)

Necessary tool: scissors thread and needle, fabric stapler, couple thin screws for wood, a screwdriver, smooth sandpaper, and a tape measure.

So, how to make it.

First, cut or halved the fabric to get two 30cmx70cm wide and long carpets, sewn all around from the inside, and then turn it outwards.

Then on each side of each slat, which can previously being smooth sanded – at least corners, attach the fabric with stapler, and make one or two rolls on each side, so that the clips are not visible.

Now screw them on each side on a suitable same height, so when the cat will be lying, that will not sink too low.



And since in the winter, the cart is indoor and in the summer outdoor on our balcony, we have painted with wooden protecting coating.




~ Sebastian from Europe