Board Gaming Dice Tray using Ribba Frame

Dice Tray

Board gaming is great fun, and rolling dice adds a great element of uncertainty.

However, it’s very easy for that one overenthusiastic player to chuck those dice and see them disappear over the side of the table.

Board gamers have been using dice trays for years, and many of them can cost a small fortune.

All you need for this is one Ikea Ribba picture frame and a 9″x9″ piece of self adhesive felt (which I purchased from Ebay).


Simply remove the white card border and glass (you’ll need to take out the chunky inside frame that holds the glass in place and then put it back in.

Stick the felt on to the backing board, fasten it back in again and there you have it!

Game away to your heart’s content.

PS. If you’re wondering what game those dice belong to, it’s King of New York.

~ Jason Boyd

Jules Yap