A nice Kallax audio standing table for a small space



The first image shows the old table.
Unfortunately, it prevents access to those lower shelves of the EXPEDIT rack on the left.

And since I heard that sitting all day will shorten your life, I wanted to upgrade my audio production table to a standing table.

My idea was watching the nature (and the street I live in and the people that walk by) while composing and editing music will be rather inspirational so I decided to turn the table 90° degrees to the right to the window.

Thus I will be getting a little more space and gaining access to all my EXPEDIT shelves.

The next 2 pictures show the construction phase with Google SketchUp.
As you can see, the final version has superimposed screens.

Planning (old)

Planning (new)

My requirements were as follows:
* The new table should take up less room than the old one, even with its contents.
* It should be a bit stylish and practical as well.
* My audio PC tower had to fit in there. (Since it is a Shuttle XPC it doesn’t need much space, though!)
* The work plate had to offer enough space in length to hold all needed input devices as well as the attached Capita consoles and the cable hole, nothing more, nothing less.
* The width should not exceed 920 mm because of that particular piece of wall, I wanted the back of the table to be at, which is between window to the right and the counter wall to the left of the table.
* The monitor speakers had to be in line with the user’s ears in order to work with them properly, so they had to be raised.


– 4 sets of CAPITA legs (170 mm height)
– 1 white KALLAX shelf
– 1 trimmed solid wood board from the local hardware store (2000 mm x 800 mm x 26 mm)
– 2 white KALLAX shelf doors

Unfortunately, I have not taken enough photos here. 🙁

I grabbed a good friend of mine, who is experienced in crafting and hard labour *cough*, some Desperados beer, an iPad for some music and then got started on crafting on a public holiday.

As you can see in these pictures, we forgot to drill the cable holes first. ^^

Creation (1)

Creation (2)

Creation (3)

My kitchen is rather unpresentable ^^

Creation (4)

Creation (5)

The whole thing was built up in the kitchen, because of the drilling dust and the appropriate space for crafting.

Then I hung up the screens and set up the monitor speakers, just to look.


The last three images show the state after setting up the table and its devices at its final destination as well as its connected cables.

standing table for a small space (1)

standing table for a small space (2)

standing table for a small space (3)

The cable hole at the back of the main board of the table comes in handy here.

Concluding thoughts

In conclusion, I must say that for me (5″9 / 175 cm) the table is still a little too low in terms of the ergonomics and the operation of the input devices like mouse or keyboard or MIDI controller. I’ll have to make sure, to  put something under the Kallax-shelf asap to get no seizure in my mouse Hand ^^

Btw, a little cable optimization is needed anyway ^^

~ Denis

PS: Maybe you have some useful suggestions or additions for me in terms of optimizing this table?