Hackers Help: Propping up a Karlstad with no arms

ikea karlstad

I inherited my friend’s busted Karlstad almost a year ago — the wood on one of the arms had split and it couldn’t hold the feet anymore. A sofa with arms wound up being too boxy and big for my tiny studio apartment anyway, so I tossed out the arms and the Karlstad has been sitting against the floor in my living room this whole time.

This has gotten tiresome (so hard to get up!), and I’m dying to find a way to get it propped up to a normal height. The problem is that the underside of the Karlstad-sans-arms doesn’t allow for the standard T-plates to be screwed in to attach furniture legs.

I know very little about furniture stuff beyond assembling per Ikea’s instructions, but I have some tools and I am willing to learn and put in effort. I figure I either need to:

a) Find a way to attach legs to this, STURDILY, as I have a tiny dog who will likely spend a lot of time crawling under the couch if I go with this option, or

b) Come up with some sort of underneath storage solution that will also prop up the couch.

The latter is slightly more preferable, as I could definitely use the extra storage (i.e. I looked at the Kallax, but it doesn’t seem to be the right length or height).

Any suggestions and ideas are most certainly appreciated!

And as a bonus, I’m also looking for creative ideas as to how to cover up the fact that my couch is now showing plywood on the sides since it has no arms (I do still have the arm slipcovers).