Hackers Help: Cut Pax Door Panels?

pax sliding doors
Photo: IKEA.com

Pax comes in two heights: 236 and 201 cm. I only have room for the 201 cm units. The problem is, door options for the shorter Pax are very limited.

I plan on using sliding doors, with the system that allows you to mix and match panels inside an aluminum frame. I’d like to use the wood-grain panels that are only available for the taller Pax units.

The question is, what’s involved in cutting the larger Pax panels down to size? It’s not clear from the instructions whether these panels simply fit inside the frame, or whether they are replete with holes for pegs and cams, which would highly complicate matters.

Also, how do you cut these without shredding the veneer?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.