Making My Kitchen Pop with a Pegboard-IVAR Unit

IKEA Items Used: IVAR shelving

My boyfriend and I recently moved into a new apartment in Chicago. Faced with a sizable kitchen, minimal cabinetry, PLASTER WALLS, and several boxes of pots and pans, we headed to IKEA to see what we could do. I knew that a pegboard would be a beautiful and functional addition to the kitchen, but I was worried about attaching any load-bearing weight to the wall.

In comes the IKEA IVAR unit! The largest size provided us with the greatest flexibility, so we were able to store cookbooks, appliances, and cookware while also leaving a large workspace to secure the pegboard. Additionally, the unit’s pine frame and metal cross beams made the entire structure very sturdy without the need to secure it to finicky walls.

IVAR unit


pegboard painted

pegboard red

A quick trip to the hardware store resulted in a cut-to-size pegboard, which I painted a dark red, as well as all of the pegboard hooks needed to hold up my kitchenware. We secured the pegboard to the IVAR unit using some sturdy nails. To finish off the project, we attached an extension cord to the side of the unit, so we don’t have to move any appliances while we cook.

Combined with the BEKVAM kitchen cart, I now have a functional and beautiful kitchen in which to work!

Pegboard-IVAR for the kitchen

~ Allison McCaffrey