Malm Headboard + Vika Alex = Slim Desk

IKEA items used: MALM Headboard, VIKA ALEX office storage.

1. The back of the MALM headboard was cut down with a (Festool) table saw to the width of the VIKA ALEX Drawer unit to serve as the top of a narrow desk.

MALM headboard - before

MALM headboard and VIKA ALEX - before

MALM pieces

2. The top of the MALM headboard was cut down to the height of the VIKA ALEX Drawer unit, to serve as a supporting leg.

MALM pieces - cut

3. The top of the now leg had to be filled with wood putty so that it could be fitted with IKEA wood dowels.

MALM pieces - assembled

4. The VIKA ALEX Drawer unit, and the portion of the top of the MALM Headboard were partially covered in a textured blue fabric (purchased at Prime Fabric’s in NYC). ModPodge glue was used to adhere the fabric to the IKEA pieces.

5. Holes were drilled into the top of the leg, the top of the VIKA ALEX drawer unit, and the bottom of the desk top. Dowels were inserted in the top of the leg and the VIKA ALEX unit, both of these pieces were also covered in wood glue.

6. The desk top was positioned on top and the glue was allowed to dry over night. 3 L-brackets were added to make sure the free standing leg and the desk top were completely supported.

7. A black melamine strip was applied to the back of the desk top to conceal the pressed wood that had been exposed when cut in step #1.

8. Solid blue vinyl was glued (again with ModPodge) to the front edge of the desk to visually complete the design.

MALM VIKA ALEX Slim Desk | IKEA Hackers

~ Tobi Wright