Simon hacks IKEA names to annoy girlfriend

Simon (an Aussie Youtuber) recently moved in with his girlfriend, Dana and “had to make the unavoidable trip to IKEA.” He figured out how to get through there as quickly as possible – making IKEA puns all the way – to annoy his girlfriend. Did he manage to cut short the trip? We don’t know but they did seem to have made it through the dining, accessories, kitchen, bathroom areas.

Here are a few of my favourites.

IKEA puns names puns - BYGEL

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“Dana, my hair is a bit fluffy can you remind me to BYGEL later”

IKEA puns - names puns - LUKTNYPON

“Dana, what did the guy say at the miniature horse race? Good LUKTNYPON”

IKEA puns - names puns - BLADIS

“Dana have you seen the toilet? My BLADIS full.”

What’s commendable is Dana’s patience. She was definitely TOLERANT.

IKEA puns - names puns - TOLERANT

I hope he saved some jokes for the assembly phase.

See the video on Youtube.

Images: Simon/Youtube