Cool DIY IKEA retro string shelving hack

Cool DIY IKEA retro string shelving hack

I’d been looking at vintage string shelving units but they’re always so expensive so I thought I’d try a DIY.
I’m sure this could be tweaked and improved quite easily as I came up with it on a whim but I’m pretty pleased with it!

Shopping List

  • IKEA SPRUTT shoe rack X 2
  • EKBY STODIS white shelf brackets X 4
  • EXBY OSTEN shelf x 1

Total GBP 14.00 (plus screws and tacks)

I bought one shelf and cut it in half with a jigsaw. I painted the cut edge and added brackets to the tops of the shelves (to make it look more streamlined).

I think there are other less obvious brackets you could use, (perhaps the EKBY BJARNUM painted white?) but I opted for the cheapest brackets they had knowing that I plan to put lots of plants on my shelves which should hide them. Not fully kitted out this bad boy yet with all my foliage so you see a bracket peeking over Mr Piglet on the top shelf.

I purchased two shoe racks and used the tops of them as the sides (these are tacked on to the side of the shelf).

And voila!

DIY string shelving hack

IKEA retro string shelving

~ Kimberley McNeill