Old catalog for new pillow

KUSS pillow 2

This idea won’t fly with me, because I’ve never thrown out a single IKEA catalog. (My first was 1997). But if you do recycle them and you live in Belgium, you can be in line for a KÜSS pillow.

To celebrate the arrival of the new catalog, IKEA is calling upon its customers to recycle the old tome for a new pillow. What you need to do is lug your 300+ page catalog on September 12th to any Belgian IKEA store and let them shred it. Yup, shred it. (The horrors!). All that is so-last-year will be transformed into new cushion filling for KÜSS, a pillow designed by designer Charles Kaisin.

KUSS pillow

Recycling is one of Kaisin’s favourite subjects and he has recycled newspapers, magazines, plastic bags and glass to furniture and design objects. On the design, he says, “I drew the design inspiration from the cellulose molecule, the natural raw material of paper pulp. Styled and repeated into a visual structure it becomes its very own source of inspiration.”

The pillow is quite pretty. But will it be comfortable? Meh. I can’t imagine resting my head on it for an afternoon nap. It will be like – well – sleeping on cardboard.

Psst… if you live in Belgium, keep us posted on this campaign. I am curious how it will turn out.

Source: DDB Brussels via Checkthis