Pro Style Kid’s Kitchen Hack

When we had our first daughter we converted the office in our house to a playroom. Because there was no storage in the room, as toys were added they just kind of ended up everywhere. When we had our second daughter we didn’t have enough space to let her crawl around so we decided it was time to build a playroom where we could incorporate storage with fun and free up floor space.


Our first daughter loves to cook with us and loved pretending to cook in her play kitchen so we thought we would build her a proper Pro style kid’s kitchen complete with a sink, range, oven, refrigerator, and freezer using Besta cabinets

Pro Style Kid's Kitchen Hack


The cabinet on the far right got the most work. I drilled out holes for the faucet and cut the opening for a baking pan. I use a lot of blue tape to make sure anything the jig saw runs over doesn’t scratch the surface of the cabinet. I caulked the edges of the baking pan to secure it.


I kind of got lucky in drilling the holes for the faucet. The top of the Besta cabinet is mostly hollow, but 2” in from the edge it is solid. So account for that when you are drilling and deciding what kind of drill bit to use.


The entire kitchen set was mounted to the wall to make it the right height for the kids to play.


For the range, I bought these 4 doorknob wall shields. They were great because they already had adhesive on the other side. I spray painted them black and stuck them on.



Then I used the Lampling trivet secured with 3/8” plastic cable clamps. Because the Besta top is hollow, I used a screw through the cable clamp and secured it on the underside of the cabinet with a nut.



I added some generic knobs with screws, washers, and locknuts so the knobs would turn.

iPro Style Kid's Kitchen Hack

For the oven, I printed and laminated different pictures of food in an oven. These can be attached to the oven door with magnets or Velcro.

Pro Style Kid's Kitchen Hack

I used a Ribba shelf for her sauce rack


I used a piano hinge for the oven door

Pro Style Kid's Kitchen Hack

The fridge is fully stocked with ingredients from Ikea!

Pro Style Kid's Kitchen Hack

Note: when placing the knobs on the range, make sure and account for the height of the cabinet top on the inside! Otherwise, the nut on the back of the door will hit the top of the Besta cabinet and the door won’t close.
Got to have the stainless steel Ikea cookware!

Pro Style Kid's Kitchen Hack

Finally plates, cups, bowls, & silverware from Ikea.

Pro Style Kid's Kitchen Hack

~ Mike C

Jules Yap