Toy storage crate turns into play fridge

IKEA items used:
– APA storage box
– LANSA handles

I found the APA storage box on Craigslist for $10. Saw it used for as a hack so I attempted it! Got handles for the fridge and also got some hinges from Home Depot. Attached the hinges first then drilled the handles on. So I can add more storage (play food) in the fridge I had my boyfriend add a shelf inside to act as the freezer. We had extra wood so we just used cedar planks for one for the shelves and I added one at the bottom to make it more even at the bottom. Also to make the fridge not scrape against the floor we added more wood at the bottom to give an extra inch and a half more height.

APA toy storage box turned DIY Play Fridge

Adding shelves to the play fridge

Adding handles for the play fridge

This was an addition to my sink and oven that I had already in my classroom! The person painted the wood trim of the box green so it worked perfect for me. You can spray paint the fridge to make it look stainless steel. Also I drew a line across to make it look like there’s a divide in between the fridge and freezer ( line is not drawn in picture, however I just used a sharpie marker).

IKEA APA toy storage turned DIY Play fridge - completed

~ Monica Tang

Jules Yap