Bekväm Chair project

It was an imposed project during my first year in design school. To re-interpret the Bekväm, create something new.. but we should still be able to recognise the Bekväm, by his shapes, edges, wood, texture..

IKEA bekvam chair

So I decided to elevate it, and switch the footrest to seat, delete the seat. By deleting the seat, I could use the parts as armrests, so I swapped them for more comfort. The problem was about the chair back : how to get a resistant chair back with this angle.. So I created the structure of the chair in Inox Steel 4mm, I cut it, weld it..

IKEA bekvam chair - plans

IKEA bekvam chair - forming a new back

And I recreated the wood Bekvam structure with some changes, angles of armrests, length of chair legs. I set the wood structure on the Inox structure by glue and pop rivets.

The next step is to cover the back/seat/armwrests with light leather.

IKEA bekvam chair reinterpreted

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~ Pierre Gorecki

Jules Yap