Disguised MALM laundry basket

A laundry basket hidden in MALM chest of drawers | IKEA Hackers

A laundry basket disguised in MALM chest of drawers | IKEA Hackers

My wife and I just hacked the Ikea Malm chest of drawers.

We converted it into a disguised laundry basket. We wanted a clean bedroom and were struggling to find a place for our laundry basket. Having no place in our bathroom, we wanted to disguise it in our furniture. We then converted our MALM chest of drawers into a laundry basket. This is how we did it:

We removed the bottom of the 4 upper drawers.

And removed the 4 horizontal planks between those 4 drawers. We attached them with a panel (back of wardrobe) that we attached on the back of the front panel of the drawers. This makes it possible to open the 4 drawers at the same time and keeping the front look the same.

To make it easy to open we reduced a little the length of the planks by 4 millimetre. We then attached 2 panels at both sides of the drawers at the inside and in the back. Making a clean laundry basket inside the MALM drawer. We kept the last 2 drawers as useful drawers.

Disguised MALM laundry basket | IKEA Hackers

Disguised MALM laundry basket | IKEA Hackers

~ Marc