FÖRVAR Jar with style!

IKEA items used:
1) FÖRVAR JAR with lid
2) BERTA fabric
3) Glue
4) Scissors
5) Cardboard

Here is an easy DIY you can do in a few hours. It’s really easy to personalize the FÖRVAR jar and also create your own label for it.

1. Measure the space of the jar lid.

2. Set the compass to half the measurement, draw a circle on a piece of cardboard.

Creating a label for the IKEA FORVAR jar

3. Cut the circle from the cardboard.

4. Lay the cardboard on the piece of fabric you want to use. Apply glue on the cardboard and paste it onto the fabric. Cut out the fabric, leaving a 1 cm allowance all round.

5. Apply glue on the edges of the disc where you will fold in the fabric.

6. Fold up the fabric and give it a slight pressure to ensure that it adheres well to the cardboard. Finish the lap.

7. Now it is time to stick the disc to the plastic cap. I recommend using a different type of glue which works for plastic … I used Attack.

Creating a label for the IKEA FORVAR jar

8. Press the disc onto the cap and you’re done!

Creating a label for the IKEA FORVAR jar

The step by step tutorial with photos are on my blog.

~ Vincenza di Bella, Italy

Jules Yap