Give BILLY bookshelf easy drawers with MOPPE

IKEA items used: Billy bookcase, Moppe birch mini chest drawer

When you talk about Ikea, BILLY bookcase is one of their most famous product, everyone has same in their home. I have three of them and I have a MOPPE birch drawer chest lying around for quite some time. In the end I found it tucked in one of BILLY shelves.

MOPPE drawers for BILLY-1

It took so much space so I decided to get rid of it! But wait, what if I can insert these drawers above or under the annoying unadjustable middle shelf. I thought on it a little while and it turns out to be way easier than I thought.

I took advantage of adjustable shelves of BILLY.

As you see MOPPE drawers do not need any mechanism or additional part other than two pieces of wood holding them in place. So I add an extra shelf right above the one in the middle, to do that I needed to drill a little pin hole in the back of the both sides. After that I just inserted the drawers and that is it.

MOPPE drawers for BILLY-6

You can do this with any type of birch plywood drawer because they are solid yet very light to pull and push. You can always adjust the height of shelves and I was lucky the depth of MOPPE drawers fitted perfectly for BILLY.

MOPPE drawers for BILLY-10 MOPPE drawers for BILLY-9

Future Modification:
1. You may consider re-cutting the drawers to fit perfectly the width of BILLY which is 77 cm inside.
2. Consider attaching a thin rope or piece of cloth to back of drawers and bookcase to prevent drawers coming out too much.


~ by Omer Petek, Istanbul