IKEA Groland Kitchen Island Bathroom Vanity and Coffee Table

This is really two projects from Ikea Groland kitchen island.

Project 1

IKEA Groland Kitchen Island makes a handsome Granite topped Bathroom Vanity

IKEA Groland Kitchen Island hacked into Bathroom Vanity

We created a stone bowl sink granite topped bathroom vanity from the Ikea Groland kitchen island.
We cut down the legs to put the top bowl sink at the height of a normal counter top.
We stained the wood with min-wax natural finish and coated with oil based Polyurethane

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Project 2

IKEA Groland Kitchen Island butcher block hacked into coffee table with hairpin legs

We turned the leftover butcher block top into a coffee table.

Stained the top with Min-Wax dark walnut and coated with oil based Polyurethane
Cut 3/4 inch plywood to the size of the hollow section of the top and set into that hollow section.
Purchased hairpin legs from hairpinlegs.com and screwed the legs through the plywood into the top taking care to not go through the top surface

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~ Joe