Hallway storage from IKEA Metod kitchen cabinets

Hallway storage from IKEA Metod

We made our entryway storage from METOD kitchen cabinets:

1 Metod high cabinet (200*60*37) with no legs
3 Metod wall cabinet (60*60*37)
2 Metod wall cabinet (60*40*37)
5 Grundtal hanger
1 Lack-like shelf (Lack would have been too big)
3 pack of Lots mirror
Tulpanträd fabric

Metod mudroom - project underway

The headroom of the hall is 262 cm, so we decided to use a 200 cm high cabinet, attached to a 18 mm thick shelf and we placed a 60 cm high wall cabinet on it. For shoe storage we used 2 wall cabinets, attached also to the 18 mm thick shelf in the floor. We drilled up the two left wall cabinets, and the holes for the hangers and the shelf, then we attached the fabric to the wall.

Hallway storage with bench and shoe storage

Through the fabric, we screw the hangers and the shelf, and then, we placed a pillow on the shoe storage, made also from the Tulpanträd fabric. In the end we attached the mirrors to the high cabinet.

Our landing space with IKEA METOD hallway storage

Hallway storage - packs in a lot!

I hope, you’ll like it! 🙂

~ Anna

Jules Yap