New York Islanders Zamboni Bed

Ikea Items used:

  • Kura Bed
  • Trofast
  • Vartal Curtain Rod and hooks
  • Ikea Gransta lights

So having the Kura bed for a while now (my son rolls all over the place while sleeping and the bed on the floor works for him), I decided to make the bed into a zamboni.

KURA bed

Hacked into a Zamboni

The bed was already put together and I’m lazy so I did not take it apart although I suggest you do to sand and paint. I went to Home Depot and they have the color codes for any professional sports team so make this into whatever team you like. Being an Islanders fan I sanded and painted the frame orange and the solid board on the side blue. I made some accent stripes as well using painting tape. Then I put a lot of polycrylic sealer over the paint as it does chip and peel very easily. I constructed a base out of 2 by 4’s and plywood, and took an old office chair and wedged that in there. I also bought a go kart steering wheel off and made a box for it so my son could “drive” it.

Zamboni KURA bed

IKEA KURA Zamboni bed

The front is basic plywood again that is painted and screwed right to the front of the bed using the same screws that attach the bed. I drilled holes and double sided taped Ikea Gransta lights on the front for headlights. Be careful these things burn hot when they are on.

I also installed the curtain rod underneath the opening and bought an Islanders flag and poked holes and put the hooks through them. I had no luck finding Islanders curtains or fabric but there are plenty for other teams. The Jersey is held up with tension rods.


IKEA KURA zamboni bed

IKEA KURA Zamboni bed with NY Islanders

Led accent lighting was but around the outside (blue) and underneath the bed (white) so he can see, cheap LED tape strips from Amazon.

The Trofast is just butted up against the bed to be used as stairs into the bed.

I also made a hockey stick railing by cutting and sending a 1/4 by 8 inch bolt through the stick and bed for stability.

KURA Bed ikea hack

IKEA KURA Bed hacked into Zamboni

NY Islanders KURA bed

IKEA KURA NY Islanders

IKEA KURA NY islanders

Everything is plugged into a power strip that is controlled by a wireless switch taped inside the zamboni.

Overall a simple hack as I am not an expert woodworker but I think the overall look is great.

~ Adam Fritzen