FDNY fire truck bunk bed from IKEA KURA


How we started the bed.  Put together to figure out where to paint red vs silver. Used spray paint- several coats.

FDNY fire truck bunk bed

Added a frame for doorway and side panel.  Next added the diamond plate to the back and ordered wheels online. Attached each wheel to a block of wood then screwed that into side panel.  Emptied a fire extinguisher and attached it to doorframe.

the tail lights

Also found lights online and attached for tail lights.

fire truck hose from garden hose

Next we bought a garden hose from Lowes, a nozzle and a mount to wind it up.  Also added reflective lights to side, and rear.

FDNY fire truck bunk bed

Ordered vinyl lettering and numbers 6 inch wide and centered them on back panels.  I ordered stickers from FDNY store and decorated.

FDNY fire truck bunk bed

The grill

Front grill was screwed on and battery powered lights were attached to the front.

fire extinguisher

Lights were stapled to the bottom of the top bunk around the inside for interior lighting.

truck driver's seat

A walkie talkie was attached to the front drivers seat along with a flashlight on window sill.  A small wooden desk and chair were built to mount a steering wheel for the driver and an additional chair behind it for a passenger.

~ Hacked by Corinne Slevin