RIMFORSA Kitchen chemistry – DIY glass tube holder

IKEA items used: Rimforsa tube-shaped glass containers

I bought 12 Rimforsa glass tubes from IKEA. But skipped the holder (which only fits 4). Instead I bought bit of plywood and started drilling and polishing. 🙂

1. Bought 1 cm thick plywood and a piece of molding. I cut out 2 pieces of 33 cm x 11 cm and 1 cm thick plywood.
2. After marking the circles (about 4 cm in diameter), I drilled some small holes. Then using a saw, I cut out the circles on the top and a bottom plywood.

DIY Rimforsa holder

3. The legs are 13 cm tall and 1.5 cm x 2 cm in size.
4. I oiled the shelf.
5. Filled the tubes with spices.

The full instructions and pictures are on my website, but here is the finished result.

DIY Rimforsa holder

~ Sofia Svanlund