LEGO Storage Drawers beautifully built into LACK table

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I created a series of LEGO storage drawers that fit under a LACK side table. I can put all my child’s LEGO in them. When pulled out they are used as LEGO play trays.

The LEGO storage drawers were laser cut from MDF and Poplar Plywood.

Item used:
  • IKEA LACK Side Table


Lack table with LEGO Storage Drawers

LACK table with LEGO Storage DrawersLEGO storage drawers for a LACK side table

The table consist of six trays that slide neatly between the legs of the LACK. The top four trays have six sections, the fifth tray has four sections for slightly larger parts like long beams and the bottom tray is twice as deep with four sections so that assembled models can be stored.

Each tray is lasercut from 3mm mdf and faced with 6mm poplar plywood. I made the rack from 6mm mdf. It has proven to be strong enough to be leaned on by small children.

I turned the sides of the Lack into extra storage for really big base plates and instructions. The sides are hinged at the bottom and held shut with magnets at the top.

LEGO Storage Drawers

See more detailed instructions and more photos on my blog.

~ Martin Raynsford

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