IKEA LACK LEGO table with built in storage

A simple, budget hack using IKEA products to create a fabulous LEGO table that the kids will love at a fraction of the cost of an ‘official one‘ with built in storage to help them keep their LEGOs organised and handy.

LACK LEGO table with built in storage drawers

For the IKEA LACK LEGO table with built in storage, you will need:
• 1 X IKEA LACK Table (55cm x 55cm)
• 2 X IKEA SAMLA Storage Boxes 5L
• 4 X IKEA BYGEL Containers
• 4 X IKEA TROFAST Drawer runners (I got mine from the clearance section)
• 3 X Wilko Blox Base plates (I used 2 Green and 1 Grey)
• 2 X Knobs to act as back stop for the Drawers ( I found these in the clearance section)
• Wood Screws
• Super Glue ( I used No Nails)
• Various Tools. Lino Knife, Screw Driver, Drill, Hack Saw,

First step – Prepare the Storage boxes and Drawer Runners. Obviously the TROFAST Boxes are already compatible with the TROFAST runners however if you use the 55cm table they are too big to fit 2 side by side. So I adapted the SAMLA Boxes.

• Cut off the protruding pegs from the Drawer runners
• Cut off the tabs underneath the Lip of the Samla boxed so they run along the runners smoothly.

Cut the lip of the SAMLA box

Mark out your Table and where you want your Drawers to go. I found it helpful to mark the centre point and also where the Legs would go and work from there.

Mark where you want the drawers to go

Now drill your screw holes in the Runners. You need to drill a larger hole in the bottom and a smaller hole in the top for your screw. This allows you access for your screw driver, through the runner, to screw into the table.

Drill the runners


Now lay out your drawer runners for one side of each drawer and check your spacing.
I started with the centre runners and worked outwards,
Mark and drill the holes for these into the table.

Drill holes into the table

Screw the inside runners into the table. Then lay out the boxes again to mark out where the outside runners need to go.

TIP: I placed the runners tight up against the boxed and drew a line then allowed an extra 2mm to make sure the drawers would be too tight.

Now attached your back stops to prevent the drawers being pushed through.
Don’t screw in your outside runners until after you have attached the table legs.

SAMLA drawers

Now to install the Rail.
The Bygel rail fits exactly along the length of the 55cm Lack table. So not too much measuring required. Think about where you want your rail to be in relation to your Drawers.

TIP: I masked off the ends of the table so I could easily draw where the holes should be drilled and minimise drill slippage

Mask the end of the table

Now attach the table legs.

Attach the LACK legs

Attach BYGEL rails

Now you can screw on the outside runners and test the drawers.

Next is the cutting of the Base plates. I wanted to give a road effect in the middle of the table so this took quite a lot of cutting. You can always just cut the base plates to have a chequered effect with four squares. This will require a lot less cutting to fit.

TIP: When you measure up your base plates make sure you use pieces of LEGO to check the alignment before you cut. The plates should but right up against each other. They need to allow for the LEGO pieces to click into place. See below.

Arrange LEGO base plates

TIP: When you cut your base plates use LEGO as your guide for the knife. This helps you cut a nice straight edge. Also keep running the knife along until you cut through. Do not bend or stress the plate to speed up the process and this can leave you with an uneven cut which means the LEGO is unable to connect afterwards.

Trim the LEGO base plates

TIP: If you do have problems with alignment after you have cut (the LEGO won’t click into place) then run a sharp along the edge to trim. Then keep laying your pieces out and checking the fit with LEGO blocks.

You should end up looking similar to this.

Making sure they align

Now you need to glue the pieces into place.
Keep the base plates connected using the LEGO pieces and lift off the table in one piece.

If you get the IKEA Lack table which has a shiny finish I would recommend sanding the top to give the glue something to stick to.

Be generous with the glue application. Lift the base plates back into place and press down firmly.

TIP: If the glue seeps back up through the base plates when you press down then you can remove the excess using and old toothbrush and some water to rub the glue and dilute it, then some kitchen roll to dab it away. (at least this worked with the No Nails).

You now have a finished table but you need to leave the glue to set. So would recommend storing out of reach until it’s ready for use.

I used the following pages to source ideas and tips for my LACK LEGO table with built in storage:
for how to cut a LEGO Plate cleanly
the idea to use the BYGEL rails
for tips on putting drawers underneath

~ Sarah Webber