The 50 Foot Diffuser Takes on the Ugly Warehouse Fluorescent Lights

It’s a movement + wellness studio where clients spend a lot of time looking up at the ceiling. The naked fluorescents hurt their eyes (and our souls). Inspired by the George Nelson lamp over our dining room table, I took another visit to IKEA to see if there was something we could rig. The PS Organizer (that I’ve always loved and couldn’t ever find a use for myself) was the answer!


At $18/each, the main part of the diffuser cost less than $200 – add some rope, cloth tape, duct tape, carabiners, eye hooks. and a lath “backbone”, and we have a $350 architectural lighting feature that everyone really loves! Hurray for IKEA and the interwebs for knot tutorials! Here she is (including a “before”):

Fluorescent lighting in warehouse

Fluorescent light diffuser for warehouse

Fluorescent light diffuser IKEA Hack

Fluorescent light diffuser IKEA Hack

~ Cristina Rogers