Double workstation with MALM and RIBBA

Double workstation with IKEA MALM and RIBBA

In the computer room, we wanted to put a long table that allowed two people at once with the PC and laptop. We also wanted a table with specific measurements. Neither too big or too small or too deep and to allow for the pipe column protruding from the wall. Here is what we came up with for a long yet compact and neat (no cables) double workstation solution.

IKEA ítem used:

– MALM side table

– 2 RIBBA picture ledges of 115cm length

mesa malm y ribba 001

1. We cut the length of one of the RIBBA shelves to match the length of the MALM occasional table. (I also cut out the shape of the column)

2. With the drill and crown, we make two holes for a plastic grommet.

mesa malm y ribba 005

3. Screwed RIBBA picture ledges to the MALM table

4. We put computer cables, phone, modem etc., through the grommets and hide, sticking power terminal with double sided tape to the RIBBA shelves

mesa malm y ribba 004 b

5. We completed the decor with a couple of chairs IKEA Torkel, and ready to work on our new table

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~ Erika of La neurona del manitas

Jules Yap