Finally! A Double Sliding Doors BESTÅ


  • 2 BESTÅ Shelf unit (120x40x64) ( 40€ each )
  • ILSENG 4 panels for sliding doors frame ( 38 € )
  • Aluminium profile E 5 mt ( 12 € )
  • Saw
  • Glue

I needed a double sliding doors solution for two BESTÅ shelf unit and since IKEA doesn’t allow that option on BESTÅ series I managed to create them by myself. I decided to use the ILSENG panels ( 38 € four ) that matched the black-brown finish of the BESTÅ, mounted on an “E” aluminium rail found in a hardware store.

Here’s the plan

Plan for a double sliding doors BESTÅ

The aluminium profiles for the sliding doors

I needed to cut the aluminium profiles to the right size and modify the central struts of the BESTÅ units ( cutting the first two cm ) to accommodate them. I also needed to cut the ILSENG panels to have them overlaying in a proper way. Fortunately the panels fitted in height so I needed to cut them only on one side.

Trimming the ILSENG doors

Cutting the aluminium profiles down to size

Finished cutting

Back at home I assembled the BESTÅ units, removed the wooden finish from the front end of the cabinet and glued the profiles on them, on top and bottom. I avoided using screws since they could stop the panels when sliding.

Laminate removed for aluminium profile

Glued on

Here’s the finished hack!

Finally! A double sliding doors BESTÅ

~ Nicola Cellai