Heavy duty IKEA GALANT Piano Keyboard Stand

Go metal when you need a heavy duty keyboard stand.

I was searching for an elegant piano stand and couldn’t find something near to my expectations. So I looked to IKEA and found the GALANT System, which is really heavy built and can be easily expanded.

IKEA GALANT piano keyboard stand

All you need for a rock solid heavy duty keyboard stand:

IKEA GALANT piano keyboard stand

I set up the GALANT base according to IKEA instructions.

IKEA GALANT piano keyboard stand

Then, added another IKEA leg to the top left corner of the table to hold up my monitor.

Works perfectly!

IKEA GALANT piano keyboard stand

See more of the GALANT heavy duty keyboard stand on my blog.

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#2 ODDVALD keyboard stand

I bought two Oddvald trestles as I was inspired by this hack but both would have been overkill for my little keyboard. I then worked out this way to use a single trestle as the keyboard stand base.

It took 3 or 4 hours though I did it over a few days to let paint and glue dry.
The cost is £10 for the ODDVALD trestle and £7 for table top wood. I owned everything else already. Read more.

#3 LACK piano bench

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