Oddvald piano stand

2x Oddvald Trestle
Wooden board (and if necesssary black lack paint)
Threaded bar and a few screw nuts (M5)

Since we moved to our new house, we finally have room enough for a piano stand for my wife’s Yamaha P-35. Everything I found in various online shops was either cheap (and cheap looking) or simply too expensive. Yamaha is offering a “official” stand for ~ 120 EUR. 120 EUR for 3 wooden boards and a few screws. They are crazy! So I decided to build my own out of the Oddvald Trestle.

At first you’ll need to shorten the Oddvald top beams as they are too long. I shortend mine to 50,5 cm, as you need room for the sustain pedal and we also wanted to add a wooden board on top. It’s possible to shorten the beams even more, but then you need to drill new holes for the Oddvald legs.

Oddvald piano stand-2
Oddvald piano stand-5

The next thing is to shorten the legs. Therefore you need to measure the ideal height for you to play comfortably. I shortend the legs to a final height of 63 cm, which suits a body height of 165-170 cm. I recommend doing this with a circular saw, just to have a straight cut and prevent the stand from wobbling around.

Oddvald piano stand-9

Oddvald piano stand-4 Oddvald piano stand-3

After assembling everything, you can drill the holes for the piano into the top beams. Be aware, that the top beams are ~ 6 cm thick. Because of that we needed for the Yamaha P-35 a M5 threaded bar (sawed in 10 cm long sticks). Depending the piano you have, you may need other kind of screws / threaded bars. Then put the piano on the Oddvald trestles, and bolt the wooden board behind the piano. Just to perfect your work, add a few small hooks for the cables and a big hook for the headphones.

Oddvald piano stand-7 Oddvald piano stand-1

It’s a very robust and cheap solution (total costs are below 40 Euro).
You can find a more detailed description (in German) on my blog.

Oddvald piano stand-8

~ by René, Munich, Germany