Single ODDVALD keyboard stand (or side table)

I bought two Oddvald trestles as I was inspired by the piano stand hack but both would have been overkill for my little keyboard. I then worked out this way to use a single trestle as the keyboard stand base.

It took 3 or 4 hours though I did it over a few days to let paint and glue dry.
The cost is £10 for the ODDVALD trestle and £7 for table top wood. I owned everything else already.

IKEA items:
Other materials and tools:
  • Small piece of 18mm ply – 40cm x 30cm
  • Large board for table top – 40cm x 90cm – I used 18mm spruce ply
  • Drill, jigsaw, hand saw, file, sandpaper
  • Black paint
  • 6 x 4cm wood screws
  • Wood glue

Instructions ODDVALD for keyboard stand

1. Draw out three brackets on the 40cm x 30cm ply using the measurements on the template or print out the A4 template to trace/mark them. If you print make sure the measurements are correct on the printed template.

Single ODDVALD keyboard stand (or side table)

2. Use a jigsaw to cut out the shape. Remember, the inside of the A shape needs to be a very tight fit on the sides of the top bar of the Oddvald so cut the wood slightly too large and use a square file to reduce it to size. Check often until brackets just about slide on while pulling the A shape open slightly.

3. Drill holes in brackets. The holes need to be around 50mm from the end of each bracket and counter sunk. The screws you have need to go from the counter sink through into the table top but not out the other side of the board so place your holes accordingly. I used 40mm wood screws.

Single ODDVALD keyboard stand (or side table)
Get the right height

4. You need to lower the table height so your keyboard keys is at the standard 72cm-ish hight.

Use calipers or ruler and pencil to mark 60mm from the bottom around the end of each leg. As the legs are at an angle you need to mark around the entire leg.

Single ODDVALD keyboard stand (or side table)

Use a hand saw to cut each leg down to size. Use a file to take the edges of each leg.

5. You need to move the long crossbar back so it’s out of the way of your feet while you are sitting at the keyboard.

Single ODDVALD keyboard stand (or side table)

Take both short crossbars and mark 50mm in the centre of the wood from one end. Then use a 6mm wood drill bit to make hole.


6. Use black paint to paint all three brackets, the bottom of each leg if needed, and the inside of the holes left in the short cross bars.

7. Watch paint dry.

8. Slide the brackets onto top bar of ODDVALD bar, one in the centre and one around 30mm in from each end. Be careful not to cover the leg holes.

Single ODDVALD keyboard stand (or side table)

9. Lay the 40cm x 90cm table top on a solid surface and place the top bar with the brackets in the centre. Clamp or use heavy objects to hold brackets in place. Use a 2mm wood drill bit to drill guide holes in the table top.

Single ODDVALD keyboard stand (or side table)

10. Remove the brackets and top bar, glue the top of the brackets and place back on the table top. Clamp again. Screw in place. Let wood glue dry.

11. Attach ODDVALD legs. Then attach the short cross bars. Then use the 6mm holes you drilled earlier to attach the long crossbar.

12. Use a file to take any sharp edges and corners off the table top and sand sides, edges and top. You can stain or varnish the table top or just leave as is.

Single ODDVALD keyboard stand (or side table)

13. Attach SIGNUM or other cable management onto the underside at the back if needed. Chuck on your keyboard on the keyboard stand and start playing!

What do you like most about your keyboard stand?

I like the way the brackets are designed to clamp onto the top bar with no glue or screws or bolts.

What was the hardest part about this hack?

Shaping the insides of the brackets. It’s best to cut to slightly large and slowly file them down.

What to pay special attention to?

Make sure you’ve measured out the leg shortening cuts correctly! The wood is at an angle on both the x and y axis.

Looking back, would you have done it differently?

Used lacquer paint not cheap black paint.

~ by Nathan Rae @thenathanrae

Jules Yap