From an old floor lamp to a cool retro lamp

Cool retro lamp

Cool retro lamp

Materials: Ikea floor lamp (Dudero)

How to turn your old ikea lamp (Dudero) into a cool retro style lamp! It’s easy and fun!

I’ve had this lamp for a few years until I decided it no longer fits the design of my apartment. So I decided to give it a little makeover. This is a really easy and cheap DIY that makes a lot of difference.

You’ll need three things:
1. Ikea floor lamp (Dudero).
2. Black matte spray paint.
3. Two Retro Edison Filament Lamp Bulb.

Edison filament bulb

I found mine for really cheap on aliexpress

Keep in mind that you need to choose the E14 bulb for this kind of lamp.

The process:
1. Remove the paper shade that covers the lamp.


Remove paper shade from IKEA DUDERO lamp
2. Clean it from any dirt or dust.
3. Start spraying (this is the fun part!) make sure to roll some newspapers on the floor before you spray so the surface will remain clean.

Spray it!

Spray it again

After it dries you can screw the light bulb and that’s it! You’ve got a new retro lamp!

After it dries, screw in new bulbs

new lamp from old

new cool retro lamp from old IKEA DUDERO lamp

~ Shani and Adi

Jules Yap